International Scientific Conference 2014

The Financial and Real Economy: Toward Sustainable Growth

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are pleased to announce an international conference that will be held in the City of Niš, Republic of Serbia, on 17 October, 2014. The aim of the Conference is to create a stimulating environment that allows fruitful debates on various aspects of the global economic crisis and European integration, through enabling open discussion.

Both review and research papers are eligible. The papers should relate to areas, which include, but are not limited to: Financialization – roots, consequences and remedies, Financial growth vs. stability, Toward better regulation of financial institutions, Fiscal constraints and macro-economic perspectives, Income distribution, wage and employment, Contemporary challenges of corporate governance, Reconsidering leading economic paradigmes and transition strategies, Policy and regulatory responses of post-transition economies, National competitiveness, Economy and politics – political drivers of reform etc. This time the conference will be hosting:

PhD seminar

PhD seminar is a special opportunity for PhD students and candidates to meet and make discussions with other doctoral students and internationally renowned researchers. It is devoted to sharing ideas and getting feedback on their work-in-progress of the thesis. All interested in taking part in this event should send their presentations, which will be followed by in-depth discussion.

Publishing opportunities:

  • Conference Proceedings, submissions not less than three thousand words, no limits regarding number of authors per a paper
  • The book co-edited by conference chairs will gather a selection of the best submissions, but will not be limited to the conference submissions. The papers have to be eligible in terms of overall quality, content and length. Minimum six thousand words with no more than three authors per a paper.
  • The academic journal Economic Themes. The papers submitted for the journal will undergo the journal’s regular review process.

The papers should be written in English. Abstracts and full papers should be sent by e-mail to: The submisions will be reviewed by the Conference Scientific Commitee and the authors will be notified of the decision by 15 September 2014.

Latest news

Important dates

  • 15 April 2014 Abstract submission (up to 300 words)
  • 30 May 2014 Notification of abstract acceptance
  • 15 July 2014 Full paper submision deadline
  • 25 September 2014 Full paper acceptance notification
Papers should be send by e-mail:

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